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The Old Way is Out: New Ways a Real Estate Pro Can Help You

The Old Way is Out: New Ways a Real Estate Pro Can Help You

As time evolves and technology advances, nearly every industry feels the impact. The real

estate industry is no different. Over the past ten to fifteen years, the internet and tech

innovations have changed many components of buyers and sellers working with professional

real estate agents.

Many processes and much of the access to information needed to transact that was once veiled

behind the doors of a real estate agent’s office have now become available to anyone with a

laptop or a smartphone. Resources like Zillow and Bankrate can give buyers and sellers

information that was once only obtainable for licensed professionals through the MLS. This is no

longer the case.

Today, buyers and sellers can calculate mortgage rates and payment amounts online. Reliable

affordability and down payment calculators abound. Home value estimators and nearby

comparable sales prices are one click away. The information needed to set a sales price or

negotiate a fair offer is theoretically available without the help of a professional.

In 2021, with access at your fingertips and the ability to DIY the purchase or sale of your home

more doable than ever, what makes hiring a real estate professional worthwhile? Basically, it

boils down to two things: marketing and a personal touch.


One of the most crucial elements today’s real estate professionals must understand and

implement is successful marketing. We are living in a digital world. Does your agent provide a

powerful digital presence online with their website and social media channels? Are they taking

full advantage of content and email marketing?

Do they utilize technological innovations by using aerial drones, creative photography services,

video or virtual tours, and “going live” for open houses? Marketing moves beyond simple

advertising and most impactfully includes networking among other agents and within the

community at large.

By keeping up continuing education, staying current on real estate trends, and implementing the

latest best practices, ensure that your home buying or selling transaction will go smoothly by

hiring a professional who fully understands the advantages that successful marketing brings to

the table.

Personalized Experience

Ideally, you should think about hiring a real estate professional for their ability to go really big

and then go really small. If grand marketing efforts like reaching the masses with the information

and imagery to procure a home purchase or sale is the going big, equally as important is the

going small, by making the entire experience as personal as possible.

Real estate professionals should offer a unique and personalized experience for each of their

clients. As military service families relocate, your real estate agent knows that every move for

every family is different.

Trained professionals utilize and draw upon their knowledge and expertise to help provide an

efficient and profitable encounter that fits each situation and each client in an exclusive and

individual way. By taking into account personal preferences, unique family needs, financial

considerations, and more, a real estate professional can give attention to your priorities. In this

way, they offer incredible value beyond simply making offers and advertising properties.

While property specialization and transactional expertise are very important components of

working with a trained professional, the two most valuable aspects come down to their powerful

digital presence and the elements of personal touch that they can offer you. Be sure to seek out

an agent, like me, who either knows first-hand or appreciates fully what it’s like to be part of the

military lifestyle and the unique challenges and opportunities that come along with serving our

nation. Those of us committed to making a relocation easier on military service members and

their families continue to use that experience and information to work harder for you so that

buying or selling your home doesn’t have to be a source of stress as you PCS.

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