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    10 Habits of Successful Real Estate Customers

    10 Habits of Successful Real Estate Customers

    Entering into a working relationship with a real estate professional should be seen as a strategic

    partnership. As most partnerships go, there is give and take, back and forth, as both parties

    involved play specific roles. Below are ten adjectives and their definitions of qualities that

    describe successful real estate customers.

    Real Estate Customers Are…

    Informed: (adj.) having or prepared with information or knowledge; apprised

    By getting and staying informed about current market trends, your own financial situation, and

    what level of expectations can be reasonably met you and your agent will synchronize easily.

    Information and knowledge are some of the greatest forms of power when it comes to buying or

    selling a home.

    Open-minded: (adj.) showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments; impartial

    Maybe you have come into this home buying or selling transaction with one set of ideals based

    on your own experience. Don’t be afraid to entertain new ways of thinking or suggestions from

    your agent.

    Responsive: (adj.) responding readily and sympathetically to appeals or influences

    When presented with changing or new information from your real estate agent, do be

    responsive to them. Real estate dealings can be very time-sensitive. While it is prudent to think

    through your actions responsibly, often it pays to act quickly.

    Communicative: (adj.) inclined to communicate; to impart knowledge of; make known

    Whether it is returning emails, text messages, or phone calls promptly or simply voicing your

    needs, wants, and concerns to your agent, communication is key. Also, by streamlining your

    communication via email or text, you have a written record or digital paper trail to help you track

    down information if and when you need it.

    Honest: (adj.) honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright and fair

    One of the greatest gifts a real estate customer can give to an agent is complete honesty.

    Whether it is an honest appraisal of a financial position, honest feedback on what kind of home

    you are looking for, or honesty about your intentions, being upfront and having integrity will allow

    for a smooth transactional process for all involved.

    Patient: (adj.) quietly, steadily persevering or diligent, especially in detail or exactness

    Just as important as it is to be quick to respond, it is also vital to be able to play the long game

    and wait patiently. Sometimes it is waiting to find the right property for your family and other

    times it might just be waiting for a response from another real estate agent who is working on

    the other side of the details of your sale or purchase. Remember: good things come to those

    who wait.

    Organized: (adj.) having a formal structure, especially to coordinate activities

    Have you ever considered the role being an organized customer could play when it comes to

    buying or selling a home? Having your personal documents in order, your communication

    practices streamlined, or having a system in place to help you in the sale of your home or home

    purchase will not only help you stay mentally focused throughout the process, but it may also

    allow your real estate professional to have an inside advantage when it’s time to transact.

    Flexible: (adj.) willing or disposed to yield; pliable

    Since buying or selling your home may be possibly one of the largest financial transactions you

    will ever make, it is easy to hold fast to your own wants and expectations for the process tightly

    and rigidly. Most military families know the power of being flexible when it comes to details

    changing and situations not always going exactly according to plan. That same flexibility with

    your real estate dealings will help smooth things out when there’s that one house that got away

    or closing dates that get shifted at the last minute. Semper Gumby! (Always flexible!)

    Prepared: (adj.) properly expectant, organized, or equipped; ready

    Along with flexibility, successful real estate customers should always be prepared for anything!

    Being prepared and having your own “house in order” is wise but also being prepared for

    ever-evolving changes keeps your stress level down. Find the perfect house? Have a backup

    favorite in mind. Think you’ll be bringing a specific dollar amount to the closing table? Have a

    cushion saved—just in case.

    Optimistic: (adj.) disposed to take a favorable view; expecting a good outcome

    Finally, one of the most fundamental qualities a real estate customer can bring to the

    partnership is one of optimism. Whether you are purchasing a home or selling one, entering into

    a relationship with a real estate professional is a long-term relationship. They are literally

    helping you to buy or sell your dreams and the kind of life you want to embody those dreams

    and life inside your home. Keep the long view. Keep the faith. Keep hopeful that good outcomes

    are on the horizon.

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